Welcome to the website of the Queen’s Neuroeconomics Lab! The lab is based at the at the Department of Psychology and the Department of Economics at Queen’s University, Ontario.

Our lab studies human decision-making in various domains (e.g. dietary behaviour, altruism, consumer choices). We are particularly interested in the processes that drive differences in decisions across people, context and time. Here are some of the key questions that we study:

  • What processes explain our remarkable ability to understand others (e.g. empathy) and how does it shape behaviours that involve other people (e.g. strategic or altruistic behaviour)?
  • Why do some people struggle with self-control?
  • Are the mechanisms that drive variance in one choice domain (e.g. dietary success) the same that explain differences in other kinds of choices (e.g. altruism or retirement savings).
  • How can we increase ‘good’ decisions (e.g. healthy dietary choices, consumer choices that are environmentally friendly)?
  • How does attention shape our behaviour and the processes in the brain?

To better understand the mechanisms that drive human decisions, we employ a variety of techniques (ranging from computer experiments, measures of eye-movements to imaging of brain structure and function) together with computational modelling approaches.

If you would like to find out more about what we do, check the RESEARCH page.
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